About ASDR (Goals and Objectives)

The objectives and aims of the Association are:

  • To promote scientific research in dermatology, skin biology and allied subjects through the study of individual humans, animals and model systems.
  • To provide a forum for interaction and information exchange between doctors treating patients with disorders of the skin and scientists working in the field of cutaneous research.
  • To enhance the treatment of people with disorders of the skin through making available the latest advances in research and diagnostic techniques.
  • To investigate possible sources of funding for skin research.
  • To establish links with the International Skin Research Societies, in particular the American Society of Investigative Dermatology, the Japanese Society of Investigative Dermatology, the British Society of Investigative Dermatology and the European Society of Dermatology Research. In addition to establishing formal links with these societies, The Australasian Society of Dermatology Research would aim to participate in joint meetings.

In recent years, the ASDR has also established ties with the Japanese Society of Investigative Dermatology with a regular exchange of speakers and the availability of travel awards to Japanese researchers to facilitate participation at our meetings. We have collaborated with other Societies with similar research interests to co-organise our annual meetings such as the joint meeting held in 2012 with the AWTRS and this year’s meeting with ASPCR.

ASDR also places a strong emphasis on involving young clinicians and researchers at early stages of their careers to participate actively through travel awards and selection of Abstracts for talks. Traditionally, ASDR has promulgated its activities through an email database without any membership fees. The ASDR is proud to announce that as we reach our first decade of operation, we will establish a bona fide membership group to be managed by ASN Events together with a dedicated website. Society membership will permit you to receive regular updates on ASDR’s activities and upcoming meetings and be part of an exciting group of researchers united by their interest in skin biology and disease.