Helmut Schaider

Helmut Schaider, MD, FACD is an academic dermatologist and internationally recognised as a translational researcher in skin cancer focusing on melanoma biology and early detection of melanoma. He obtained his medical degree at the Medical University of Graz, Austria, and received training in melanoma biology at The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia. After relocating to Australia he initiated his own independent research group at the Translational Research Institute, Brisbane. His research aims to identify novel targets tackling melanoma drug resistance to targeted therapies and to improve early detection of melanoma. His group recently identified a chronic stress induced drug tolerant phenotype in melanoma and developed an in vitro model of adaptive resistance in cancer. Early detection of melanoma is utilizing cutting edge technology like 3D whole body photography in order developing surveillance programs for high risk individuals. He has a specific interest into the evolution of naevi. Clinical and wet lab research seeks to improve survival of melanoma patients and early detection of melanoma.