Pritinder Kaur

A/Prof Kaur is a Group Leader/Lab Head in the School of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences, Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia with an adjunct appointment at the University of Western Australia. She is a skin stem cell biologist with an active research program focussed on human skin regeneration and epithelial cancers based in the Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute. Dr Kaur received her BSc Hons in Cell Biology from the University of London, UK and her PhD from the University of Manchester, UK. She undertook postdoctoral training at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, USA in the field of viral carcinogenesis and epithelial cell adhesion. She moved to Australia in 1990 to the then Hanson Centre for Cancer Research in Adelaide, initially as a Florey Fellow and then an NHMRC Senior Research Officer (1990-1999). Dr Kaur was subsequently recruited as Lab Head/Group Leader to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne (1999-2015) and held an NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship from 2008-2013. In 2015, she relocated her lab to The Hudson Institute of Medical Research briefly prior to her appointment in Western Australia in January 2016.

She is an Editorial Board Member of “Stem Cells” (2004-present); Associate Editor (Australia) for Current Stem Cell Research and Therapy (2013-present) and Editorial Board Member for “Stem Cell Reviews” (2008-present). She has served on the Research Committee of the Australian College of Dermatologists; has been an ASDR Board Member since 2004, and was ASDR President from 2012-2014. Dr Kaur is also Vice-President of the Australasian Wound & Tissue Research Society (AWTRS) since Nov 2018, previously serving as an AWTRS Board Member (2007-2010) and AWTRS Committee Member (2014-2018).